The Princess and The Pea


Once upon a time, in a far-off land, lived a princess named Penelope.  Penelope had a mean stepmother who did awful things to her, like make her sit up straight, wear fancy dresses and glass slippers, and attend tea parties.  But Penelope, alive with spirit and imagination, wanted nothing more than to explore the world beyond the castle walls, romp through fields of daisies, and wade into the ponds' edge. 


One day, when she could stand it no longer, Penelope ran away.  Where she was going, she did not know, but she felt quite certain she was not meant to live the life of a princess.  So, off she went, trunk in hand, to discover what adventures lay beyond the castle wall.   


And what she discovered was, indeed, fantastical.  Rolling hills echoing the songs of birds, babbling brooks calling her to follow, magical forests beckoning her to lay down on the deep moss beneath the trees.  But Penelope carried on, following the slowly sinking sun.

Soon, dusk started to fall and the sky started to shed an occasional tear.  Penelope was getting hungry.  She started to hear eerie noises from deep within the pine grove.  She began shivering with cold.  Or, perhaps, fear.  Her feet carried her faster and faster to an opening in the grove, just as the skies opened up and lay a sheet of rain upon her.   

penelope rain.jpg

But much to her delight and relief, an enchanting castle stood before her, surrounded in rose trellises, vegetable gardens and oak trees.  The castle sparkled under the night sky as rivulets of water cascaded down its stone walls, as if covered in glitter.  Never before had she beheld such beauty. 

As the rain continued to fall, a drenched Penelope dragged herself and her trunk up the castle steps and knocked timidly, but hopefully, on the wooden door...     


...The handsome young Prince answered the door, curious who would be coming to call at that hour of night.  He was surprised to see a fair and beautiful young lady standing at the entrance.  Evaluating her misfortune, he immediately invited her into the castle to find warmth and comfort by the fire.     

The two spoke for a very long while, enjoying some tea and one another's company.  Feeling a bond with the young Prince, Penelope finally shared her secret that she was in fact a princess, fleeing a life she could not bear.  The Prince was intrigued by this news, knowing in his gentle heart that he was falling in love with this unique young lady; indeed, at first sight, wishing to make her his princess.

The warm fire and tea and the lovely company of the Prince was making Penelope sleepy.  The Prince asked the maids to turn up a bed for her in one of the guest quarters.  And to confirm that Penelope was indeed a true princess, the Prince told the maids of his plan.  They were to scour the castle bedrooms, servants quarters and nurseries for mattresses to stack upon the bed, and place a singular green pea beneath them all. 


And so, a royal hodge-podge of a bed was made.  So high they had to bring in a ladder from the stable for Penelope to climb atop.  She lay her head upon the pillow, fully expecting to fall into a deep and comfortable sleep.  But sleep did not find her.  She was simply too uncomfortable.  But with such a luxurious bed, how could that be? 


The Prince's theory had been correct.  Princess Penelope's royal lineage was so intrinsic to who she was that she could not even find sleep on piles of mattresses if a pea lay beneath her.  Thanks to the Prince's insightfulness and reassurances, Penelope slowly realized that it was her lot in life to be a princess, but that she could still choose to live the life she always dreamed of.  She fell in the love with the Prince and they lived happily ever after, exploring the world, seeking solace in nature and running barefoot through their dreams.    


And best of all.....their castle had no walls. 



Princess Penelope is a 13" Classic Emily Moon Doll. She is handcrafted from natural high quality cotton jersey from De Witte Engel, firmly stuffed with 100% clean carded wool and double and triple stitched with cotton thread. Her face is hand embroidered with cotton floss and her cheeks are blushed with beeswax crayon. Penelope's silky hair is made from Kidesia goatskin. It is easily styled and very sturdy for play.

Penelope brings with her a wooden trunk filled with all her worldly possessions, including a vintage rhinestone doll tiara, crocheted head scarf, lined fur capelet and her little trove of jewels. She wears a lovely lavender lace dress adorned with a precious vintage doll cameo brooch, knit boots with Liberty of London ties, and cotton and lace unders. She also has a sweet cotton nightgown to help her eventually find a good night's sleep.

Penelope sleeps upon a vintage metal doll bed with a mixture of handmade, vintage and upcycled mattresses, bedding and pillows, plus a lovely tulle curtain to hang above her bed. She also has a wooden ladder that she uses to climb atop her bed.  And don't forget her invaluable felted wool pea that teaches Penelope that it is okay to accept who you truly are and still follow your dreams

IMPORTANT:  This doll and her accessories are best suited to an adult collector or older child.  They are NOT suitable for young children.

More photos of Penelope can be found HERE .


This set will be sold via auction with 100% of the proceeds going to Reeds of Hope (  More information about Reeds of Hope can be found HERE.  The auction will take place on Emily Moon Dolls online store Wednesday, June 12.  It will run from 10am to 10pm EST.  The winner will receive a tax deductible receipt from Reeds of Hope for the full purchase price.  Worldwide shipping is free.